In addition to the photos on these webpages we have pictures with unknown people for the public to look at. If you are interested please come in and see if you recognize anyone.

Grocery and Restaurant – Haffner, Bros.

Left to Right: Bill Haffner, Paul Haffner, John Haffner

One Horse Saloon

About 1915 or 20

Left to Right: Wes Decker, Harry Noble, Henry Ives, Alex Nelson, __________,Harry McOlcan?, Beer Salesman – sitting down?

Don’t know the man sitting down.

Little boy is Fred (Slick) Nelson

This building sat back of now Fishermans Inn Tavern. About 1920 was moved to Schuyler Street across from opera house – Lyle Wycoff – Had a restaurant ?? tavern. – Also Tony Pustane – Alfreda Voorhees and others.

Mr. and Mrs. ___________ Oquawka Old Methodist Church 1910 Old Soldiers Oquawka IL Reunion Anyone You Know In This Button Gang?

The young man standing, fourth from the left is Carl Oscar Jern. He has a white-ish hat with a black band, and the man to his immediate left is sitting. In the 1990 census, Carl Oscar Jern, then aged 19, was listed as a “button cutter.” By 1910, Oscar was working for the railroad.

The man standing against the window, third from right, could possibly be Oscar Jern’s fater, John Albert Jern. He is not wearing a hat, and has a big mustache and rather prominent ears. He also worked many years at the button factory.

Carrie Devore Decoration Day ’08 Decoration Day ’08 George Johuson and Bill Marble George Johuson and Soldier Boy Happy Hustlers

Back Row – Toleta McKee, Esther Prtle, Beulah Hall, Lillian Goempler, Merl Welch

Front Row – Maude Sheels, _____________, ______________, Mrs. Cooper, Allie Rozelle, Mrs. Radmacher

Jim Devore – Garage and Lumber Yard

Buildings owned by ________ Spears (Vannie’s Mother) She married Dooley Moffitt (nee Spears). Was Daisy Devore mother – Daisy married Jim Devore and built new garage.

July 25, 1935

Nannie Essex, Mrs. Whittelsey, Mrs. Parsons, Rev. Jackson’s wife, Iva Parsons, May Radmacher, Mrs. Brooking, Mrs. Graham, Jessie Trimble, Allie Rozell, Bertha Richmond, Lydia Camp, Mrs. Morrisey, Mary McOlgan, Mrs. Al Thompson, Mrs. Morehead, Mrs. Jewell, Alice Koons, Maude Radmacher, Mary Mower,Mrs. Blue, Mrs. Fourdyce, Lilly Dillon, Myrtle Welch

Modern Woodmen of America Band

Looking West on Schuyler Street Toward the River

Making Moonshine on Oquawka Island

Left to Right

Bud Ruberg Larsm from Galesburg

Tad Johnson

1910 Ball Team

Left to Right

Back Row – Turk Trimble, Goldie Stimpson, _________________, _________________, _______________

Front Row – John Goemple, Pig Harold Essex, Ralph Staley, Riley Noble, _______________

Oquawka Concert Band Oquawka High School Play Cast

Left to Right

John Cochran, Markine Stenzell, Mrs. Albright – Director, June Trimble, Lyle Craig, Seated – Helen Cept

Portait of Stephen Phelps

(1768 – 1841)

Father of Stephen, Summer, and Alexis Phelps

Red Cross

Left to Right –

Florence Patterson, Mrs. Ralph Link, Mildred Delabar, Maxine Kloster, Mary Delabar, Ruby Gittings, Ruth Swann, Mabel Finch, Jessie Nesbit, Maud Steel

Red Summer Saw Mill

On 2nd Street on block where Louch house is.

School Class

Front row – L. Preston Lovitt, Lowell Painter, L. John Edmunds, Virgil Morgan, Leo Smitty, _____________, Loncor?, ___________, Floyd Sparrow, IRedn Morgan, Helen Edmunds

L. Back Row – _____________, ______________, Charlie Paints, Smitty?, Joe Painter,Teacher, Mae Filsman Mudd, Sparrow Blanche Lovitt, Filsman

Sevanson Essex Carpenter Shop – Oquawka

Across the street south from the Lumber Yard

The Elite Club

Taken at May Wilson’s – September 22, 1910

Left to Right –

Lottie Parsons, Maud Morey, Louise Stewart, Stella Stults, Maude Cooper, Edythe P. Brooks, Beulah Braun May Fawley, Nellie Wilson, Zelda Wyman

The Elite Club

Taken at May Wilson’s

Left to Right –

Maud Morey, Mrs. Stewart, May Wilson, Behlah Braun, May Fawley, Zelda Gray, Maud Cooper, Edith Brooks, Lottie Parsons, Addie Kessle

Group Posing

Top Row:

___________, _____________, ______________

Middle Row:

__________, Anna Schell, Winnie Stubbs, C.F.W. Schell, Myrtle Welch, Martha Van Cleve, Maude Ives Hartgrow, ____________, ____________, Jennie Gerard, Allie Rozell

Front Row:

___________, Mrs. Henry Canip, ______________, Will Stubbs

Group Posing 2

Left to Right –

Back Row:

Ruby Fisher, Isabelle Graham, Etta Johnson, Mary Moffitt, Ethel Know Laudall, Mrs. Blue?, _____________, Myrtle Welch, Jessie Trimble, Mae Meyer, Grace Knox, Grayce Thomas, Winnie Stubbs

Seated: Jane Devore, Mrs. Margaret Akin, Mae Rodmacher, Mrs. Briches, Mrs. Anne Schell, Maude Ives Hartgrover

On Ground:Jen McNamara, ____________, Matt Camp, Mary Edmunds, Mary McOlgan, Allie Rozell

Group Posing 3

Bottom Photo:

Martha Thomas Balmer, Kathryn Noble, Mildred Delabar Kelly, Ethel Freyrear, Alice Windbled, Millie Wilson, Enid Devore

Group Posing 4

Left to Right –

Seated:Mary Edmunds, LaVerne Sloner, Mabel Finch, Kathryn Noble, Jay James, Jessie Nesbitt

Middle:Alice Koons, ___________, Virginia Hamilton

Standing:____________, _______________, _________________, Ethel Fryrear?, Maud Cooper, Lottie Parsons

Dance Group

Back Row:

Lois Davenport, Audrey E. Hufnagel, Ramona Peters, Margaret Essex, Leva Morey, Mona Brown, Mabel Catterson, Alitha Babcook

Front Row:

Cleva Huss, Verna Huss (twins), Margaret Hall

Oquawka Ball Club 1915

Clifford E, John S, Harry N, George T, Bill M, Toots V, Sheedal V, Golda S, Clyde E, George J, Fredd J.

Clifford Essex and George Trimble Baseball Group Posing 5

Back Row:John Trimble, Leakie L. Knox, Bill Marble

Front Row:George Trimble, Truman Ricketts, John Ricketts

Santa’s Sleigh Graduation Class of 1910

Paul Henderson, Dean Whitman, Julia Nolan, Ethel Renstrom

Class of 1910 – B.H.S

Paul Henderson, Dean Whitman, Julia Nolan, Ethel Renstrom

Ma Knox at Knox Hotel Fred Essex Clarecee Springsteen Parade Three Men Outside of Store Children in Oquawka Workers 1 Workers 2 Workers 3 Workers 4 Group Posing 6 Group Posing 7 Group Posing 8 Group Posing 9 Group Posing 10 Group Posing 11 Three Men on a Boat Unknown 119 Group Leeta and Students