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20th Century School

20th Century – District #42 – “The McLain School” Biggsville Township

In 1817 a deed was registered to one Josiah Westlake for consideration, for Military Service, located in the east half of Section 15. It changed ownership several times until one John Brouse bought the 160 acres for $2500, in 1865. About that time or a little before, the first SchoolHouse was built and became known as “The McLain School” and was recorded as the sixth in Biggsville Township.  According to abstract, the land was sold to George M Jamison and wife Sophia in 1870 for $6681. The picture of the first school available showed Nan Magee as a teacher and the following pupils:  John and Albert Pearnson, Fred and Walter Brouse, Walter McLain, Laura Pearson and Rose Brouse, Guy and Edith Renstrom and Hannah Johnson.  This picture of the old building was taken about 1901.  The directors were Eli Rezner, Andrew Renstrom and George M. Jamison. Some later teachers were Lou Lant, Lois Lovitt, Iva Dunbar, Margaret Cowden, Sophia Shoemakeer, Mr Torpin and Jennie Pearson. A new building was erected on the same lovely hillside, a nice white building trimmed in green, 30′ X 16′ with front steps and porch.  It had a nice sized hall with long shelf for dinner pails and pegs back of door for coats and caps.  The inside was much the same as other schools of that time except for a globe and wall-encased maps.  It was now renamed “The 20th Century School”.  The Directors were Leroy Rezner, Herb V. Jamison and Charles Edwards. The first picture taken of the new building with Bird Jones as the teacher was in 1904. Pupils were Minnie and Ethel Renstrom, Minnie Nelson, Mabel and Mary Jamison, Glen, Gladys and Mabel Edwards and Carl Nelson.  Later George and Lynn Jamison and Mildred and Harold Brouse moved into the district.  Later Ruth, Fred, Olive, Ida and Eloise Jamison attended. Some of the teachers following Bird Jones were Norma Hogue, Edith Renstrom, Mr.and Mrs. Vail Cordell, Ruth Stocks, Ruth Boyer, Ruth Swanson, Gothard Newton and Violet Dobbin. The pupils about this time were Bob, Lucille, Vail Jr., and Jane cordell; Howard and Jaycee Rezner; Margery and Mildred Jamison; Bob and Doris Jamison, Helen Oaks and Dick Rezner.  Among the last directors were Fay Rezner, Glenn Edwards and James Oaks. In 1948 the Jamison land was sold to George Sr. and Mary Brokaw and a little later to George Jr(Jack) Brokaw who still owns the farm.  He sold the building to Hugh Golliday who moved it to his farm for a granary.  The land returned to the original Jamison-Brokaw Farm.