Ellison Valley

Ellison Valley School District #23 – North of Carman 1923


Front row, left to right, Billy Bass (deceased), Fred Runge, Tommy Murphy, and Harold Huffman (“Big Harold”). Middle row, left to right, Harold Huffman (older brother of Delmar), Alma Park Stamp, Stronghurst, Helen Powell Sandy (Mrs. Webb Sandy) St. Charles, IL, Audrey Bass Stevens (Mrs. Paul Stevens) Roseville, Berniece Huffman, deceased, older sister of Delmar and LaVerne Longcar, deceased. Back row, left to right, Harold Tharp, Sun City Arizona, Leo Bass, Birmingham, Iowa, David Windland, Opal Steele Howden, Rochester, N.Y; Mary Hicks Stewart (Mrs. Lee Stewart) teacher, Cecil Powell Renken, Rock Falls, IL, Roy Tharp, deceased, and Keith Murphy.

Ellison Valley – District #23

Ellison Valley School was built August 19, 1867. It was named ellison Valley because the Ellison creek flowed nearby. The building was 20′ X 40′ and was built on one acre. Some of the teachers were Jessie Crickett, Herbert Hartgham, Merle Hickson, Fred Seighworth, Julia Nolen, Laura Kern, Vera Callwell. Sam Pendleton was one of the diretors from march 1905 to 1911. It was used as a school for 50 years, closing in 1917. The last teacher was Vera Callwell. The school building was sold to George Richmond for $1060 March, 1951. It was used as a tenant house for two years. The land was owned by Milford Dowell and Oramil Carpenter.

Ellison Valley School Ellison Valley School District 23 North of Carman 1923 Ellison Valley–District #23