Kirby School

Kirby District #22

Kirby school located in Carman Township was built in 1852. It was named to honor the owner of the land given for a school, James Kirby. The school house was a frame building 20′ X 28′ built on a fourth acre. It was built like most other schools at that time.

The first directors were Kirby and Pendry. The school closed May 1, 1945 and the building was sold to Harland Donaldson who moved it in 1955 and remodeled it to be used as a home.

The last teacher was Bernice Parrish whose wages were $160 per month. John Dannenberg and Dave Pendry were the last directors. Kirby was used as a school for many children during its 93 years. Some of the early students were Charles Kirby, Violette Dobbin, Pearl Dixon and the Dannenberg children.