Lomax High School On The Highway


Lomax High School on the Highway

Back Row- Left to Right- Lyle Moss, Jack Cook, Faye Freeland, Margret Behne, Harold Bowylou, Gail Sutton, Bert Freeland, Paul Blakley, Teacher Lee Atwater

2nd Row- Left to Right- Harley Dietch, Mabel Worley, Madeline Smith, Vera Mae Hunter, Naomi Jolley, Ursal Porter, Loy Gittings, George Crane

3rd Row- Left to Right- Helen Rice, Ruth Sparrow, Kathryn Dowell, Ethel Nixon, Isabelle Vaughn, Catherine Thompson, Clyde Gittings

Picture Re-print Acquired From Louella Hubbard.

Graduates Receive Diplomas at Lomax Eighth Graders Graduate at Lomax Lomax Grade School – 1927 Lomax School Unsafe Lomax Early School Lomax Grade School – Lomax Lomax Grade School — Dist. 19