Media School

Media — Early School of Pioneer Days — Media Township

Faree Mathers

The first school was taught by John Sampey in what was called Walnut Grove. The pioneers having come in 1834. School was held in any available building. It has been recorded “Thither came the Davidsons in 1834, the Rankins (five brothers of them) in 1834-35, the Steeles, Thompsons and the Allisons in 1836. And in the fall of 1837 Pogues came”.

Miss Mary Pogue taught the school and boarded round with the scholars. One of the first buildings used was erected by Aleck Rankin, grandfather of Mrs. Etta Thompson. It was built of logs. It had one window, covered with greased paper. Some contended that the glass had broken.

For a time school was held in an old church that stood just west of the present cemetery and between it and the later church that was torn down several years ago. For a time Moses McElhiney, who lived just north of the cemetery furnishes the room, taught the school and boarded himself for $14 a month. This was the last place where school was held before the Stone School was built. In 1865 the stone building was erected. It was located near the east line of section 16 and a little over a half mile northwest of the present building. School in this building was until fall of 1892. On the 16th of April, 1892 bonds were issued for the construction of a frame building.

The Sante Fe railroad secured the right of way in 1887. The surveying was done in February and the trains were running in November. Through the efforts of Mr. Nathan Wever the town site was located on Section 15 of his farm, which is midway between Galesburg and Ft. Madison; hence the name Media. It is also midway between between Chicago and Kansas City.

The new frame school was to cost $2500. When this frame building became too small, it was sold and moved off the site. Annie Hellier was the last teacher in this building. It was also her privilege to teach in the new brick building which was erected on Section 15 nearer the town of Media and on the present school grounds. The porch on the south extended close to the location of the well. Due to a bad storm, the brick wall cracked on the north side and metal braces were put across from the east to the west wall. But on June 1, 1914 it was condemned. The forementioned well was drilled and ready for use in October 1898. Election was held June, 18, 1898 when it was decided to issue bonds for school purposes. So the brick building was razed and the present building farther north than the former brick building was erected in 1914. This is now in use, 1975.

Media Grade School – 1st and 2nd grade – 1961-1962 Media Grade School – 1st Grade – 1961-1962 Media Grade School – 1st Grade – 1961-1962 Media Grade School – 2nd Grade – 1961-1962 Media Grade School – 2nd Grade – 1961-1962 50 Year Class Reunion Media Township Community High School 1941 Media Elementary School 1930 Media Grade School 1901

First Row: Eurie Mathers, Charle Wilson, Katie LaVelle, Opal Garrett, Orpha Winders, Irene Collins, ? Collins, Katie Barry, Winetta Knisley, lee Adair, Howard Wray, Artie Hazen, Raymon Mathers, Cleve Kimler, Lulu Adair, Mary Hazen, Robert Know, Johnnie Lewis

Second Row: Faree Mathers, Ed Sullivan, Walter Hazen Roy Ellickson, Oscar Wallace, Pete Gram, Joseph Barry, Merle Mathers, Ida Collins, Almon Gibson, Bruce Rankin, Charley Gibb, Ross Knisley, Andy Gram, Reeder Garrett, Beulah Cavins, Harvey Adair

Third Row: Ralph Lewis, Arthur Gibson, Nellie Mathers, Emma Sullivan, Ethel Garrett, Mary LaVelle, Bessie Adair, Maggie Barey, Hazel Wolfe, Anna LaVelle, Bessie Gibb, Willie Wallace, Hugh Lewis, Arthur Pogue

Teachers were Mr. E.C. Lukens and Mrs. Oney Lukens

Media Grade School 1961/1962

Front Row; Left To Right – Lola Lant, Chuck Link, Darrell Jones, Lynn Vernoy, Eddie Carnes, Mike McGeehon, Elizabeth Wireman

Second Row: Left To Right – Kathy Jacobs, Jackie Ebert, Gary Root, Gary Browning, Dennis Day, Gary Saben, Randy Bigger, Steve Powell, Karen Overton

Third Row: Left To Right: Cathy Lant, Blaine Laws, Ronald Rothzen, Martha Kettelkamp, Dan Sallee, Neal Avery, Mary fAnn Davis

Top Row: Left To Right: Lynn Browning, Steve Hull, Peggy Hulet, Don Walker, James Covert, Wendell Oliver, Nancy Rodeffer, Leslie Laws

Media Grade School


Media High School (Marie McVey Renken – Media School Album)

Media High Pupils in 1929

Media High School Senior Class of 1932

Media High School Junior Class of 1932

Media High School in 1933

Media High School in 1934

Other Pictures from the Album

Lawyer, Beal, Pogue, Gray, J Lauver, D Lauver Outside