Stine School

Stine School – Terre Haute Stine School — District #73 Stine School About 1910 – South of Stronghurst

Stine School reopened with four students in 1945.

Rosetta Brennan was its last teacher. According to the reports turned in

annually to the county superintendent, as of Sept. 6, 1948 she noted that the

building still had no electricity; however, before her next report was written on

Sept. 7, 1949 the school finally had power and “the new window shades make

school attractive and help regulate light.” (Mrs. Brennan)

 At the beginning of the 1950 – 1951 school year the directors were

Charles Peasley, Robert Lauver, and Elmer Reed. There were twelve students

enrolled at the beginning the year. Three children were from the Peasley family,

three were Lauvers, and one was a Reed.

 The blackboard that had been “very poor” in yearly reports for a number of

years prior evidently was never replaced, but in what became the school’s last

annual report Mrs. Brennan noted that there were “twelve house plants to interest

pupils,” the boys’ and girls’ outhouses were in good condition, and the little

school had “a new two gallon thermos jug and paper cups to use.”

 At the end of the 1950 – 1951 school year, Stine School closed again, this

time permanently, and students were sent to Stronghurst or Terre Haute to

continue their education. Mrs. Brennan was killed in an auto accident on Nov.

13, 1957 on her way home from teaching in Lomax. Ironically the accident

occurred at the curve on Illinois Route 94 (commonly referred to as Stine

Corner), just a few miles north of Stine School.

Contributed by Fran Work with

information from C. Richard (Dick) Peasley,

Stine School student 1945-51