Click on a school below to view historical photos and documents gathered through a joint project By Southern High School and the Henderson County Library.


The Henderson County District Library in Biggsville, Illinois, under the leadership of Mrs. Carolyn Fry, Librarian and the Southern High School Library in Stronghurst, Illinois, under the leadership of Mrs. Janet Shinkle coordinated efforts for the grant application through the State of Illinois' Educate and Automate Grant program.

Typing and scanning of historical documents was accomplished by Mrs. Terri Copeland, Mrs. Karen Starbuck, Mrs. Vicky Keever, and Mrs. Janet Shinkle.

Web page design and implementation was the responsibility of Mr. Philip Geiser of Southern High School, Stronghurst, IL.

Historical information on these web pages come from the collected files of Mr. Russell Liston of Biggsville, Illinois. Without his painstaking efforts to collect documents about the one-room schools.