Cox School

Cox School 1912

Dale Dodds – doorway

Teacher – Sarah McElhinney

Clause Ahlers, Esther Enwall, Raymond Enwall,Opal Dodds, Reva Wilson, Anna Ahlers, Lyle Brokaw, Elsie Ahlers Lant, Martha Brokaw Butler, Virginia Slater,Dale Neff

Cox School – Raritan Cox School

Cox School Cox School Dist. #4

Cox School Reunion

Henderson County Quill-June 19, 1996

The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful day at the Cox School reunion June 2 at the park in Stronghurst, There were 30 people able to come from different families and different towns. Several people regretted being unable to attend because of previous arrangements.

They found out later what a good time was had by all so are hoping to join the group next year, the first Sunday in June at the same location, Stronghurst Park. Many brought pictures of the school days past which were very enjoyable to look at and lots of conversations beginning with “remember this?” which brought forth memories of many pranks, PTA meetings, programs that we put on, adults and children all took part.

The old school bell was brought and rung by Mary Brokaw. When rung it brought much laughter, then immediate silence. At 1:00 p.m. Mary Brokaw rang the school bell and brought the students to silence for the blessing to be asked by James Brokaw. The tables were spread with food to be partaken of but happy memories and conversations continued. Later in the afternoon, when it was time to say good by, we hoped more could join us next year. Remember the 1st Sunday in June in the Stronghurst park at noon.

Those able to attend were Elsie Foresman Hartman, Bob and Carole (Veech) Dillon, Dorothy Veech, Jessie Veech Norwood, Harold Nolen, Lois Nolen, Alberta Wetterling, John Wetterling, John Brokaw, Mary Brokaw and Norman and Lois (Brokaw) Campbell all of Stronghurst; Ester Foresman Thomas, Roseville; Mary Jane Foresman Sander, Bettendorf, IA; Tom Jr. Lee, Peoria, IL; Jack Brokaw, Biggsville; John and Mary Roche Grawey, Galesburg, Il; Donald and Wilsie Roche, Raritan; Frances Roche, Monmouth; Madeline Lee Foresman and Ludwig Foresman, Dallas City, IL.; Paul Lee and Marilyn Nolen Frank, Aledo, IL.; Lillian and Donald Brokaw Bray, LaHarpe, IL.; Mary Margaret Brennan Day, Blandinsville.