Meeting Room Rental

The Meeting Room is available at the Henderson County Public Library District for educational, civic, cultural and public information meetings.

The Henderson County Public Library District agrees to provide the use of the Meeting Room to individuals and groups for their use according to the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The building is a “Smoke Free Area”. No smoking allowed.
  2. The capacity of the Meeting Room is 50 people.
  3. Use of the kitchen and its items, (tables, chairs, and other items) is allowed but those items must be put back in the same location and condition as they were found.
  4. Trash receptacles are provided for use of the persons renting the Meeting Room and all trash must be bagged and placed outside by the back door.
  5. Any problems with the use of the facility should immediately be reported to the librarian.
  6. Any damage to the Henderson County Public Library Meeting Room, its contents, or property should be immediately reported to the librarian. The renter may be held responsible for any damage or loss of items stolen as a result of the activities held in the Meeting Room.
  7. General janitorial services are provided by the library, but all persons are asked to assist in keeping the location clean and neat. Please leave the area as you found it.
  8. The Henderson County Public Library District, or any individual associated with this institution will not be responsible for any accident, or injury associated with any individual or group's use of the Meeting Room.
  9. No alcohol of any kind is allowed in the facility or on the Henderson County Public Library District property.
  10. The rental fee per usage will be $25.00 to be refunded at the time of returning the key and meeting the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  11. The key should be left on a table in the meeting room counter when locking up and leaving.

Meeting Room Rental Agreement


The library has one meeting room available for public use and can be used during or after library hours. This meeting room has capacity for 50 people.


The library meeting room has the following amenities available:

  • Wireless internet access
  • Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • Pull down Screen
  • Built in White Board
  • Kitchen Area (includes sink, mini refrigerator, and microwave)
  • TV/DVD
  • Coat racks